🏆Public BlockChain

When the ecosystem has a certain foundation, we will develop a native EVM public blockchain based on LITE and enable the DPos. LITE will serve as the mainnet coin of the native public blockchain. The native public blockchain will protect the network through a verifier. The verifier runs a full node and participates in the consensus process by

broadcasting transactions. Validators submit new blocks in the blockchain for revenue. Validators also participate in the governance of the entire system by voting on governance proposals. The voting weight of the validators is determined by the amount of their LUSD lock, and only the top 21 nodes in terms of Staking count can become validators. Validator earnings will come from LUSD transfer fees, miner fees and treasury activity rewards.

When thepublic blockchain ecosystem is stable, it will also open the global cross-border capital flow sector. The duties of the certifier include: 1. Continuously running the correct version of the software: the verifier needs to ensure that the server is always online and that the private key has not been compromised.

2. Active participation in price discovery and stabilization: validators are also encouraged to engage in arbitrage swaps and pledging of LUSD to stabilize the price of the LUSD stablecoin. 3. Make more positive feedback to the community: including promoting the launch of various types of proposal governance and monitoring proposal executors to maintain the long-term stable development of the public blockchain.

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